Deadbeat Darling

photo by Deneka Peneston

The London Music Blog presents...... Deadbeat Darling

St. Christopher Candles

Without A Trace

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Deadbeat Darling are a tight indie band from NYC that are currently gracing London until the 7th October, and they’re definitely worth checking out. 

At the front of the group is a singer who sings softly, never going overboard, as if in fear of losing his voice. Keeping a tight groove behind him are musicians that maintain a steady pace of intensity while restraining themselves from “rocking out” with tasteful drumming, attentive bass playing and guitar layers that echo and bend into the distance like moving cars.

Deadbeat Darling write the kind of songs that will find their way onto your ipod when you’re up late, looking out the window, wondering where your life is at. There is a wisdom and maturity to the band, and their new album has a kind of attention to detail that leaves no song unfinished, and no weak spots to be found. The mood on a lot of the album tracks is quite similar, one of contemplation and a desire to make peace with anything that’s gone wrong. However, this consistency allows one or two tracks to stand out in the mid

dle of the record. 

One of these is St Christopher’s Candles that has a hard hitting groove, but an atmosphere that commands introspection. This is the most unique accomplishment, and tells of a band who have found THEIR sound. Without a Trace is the most upbeat song on the record, and features a catchy hook (and a joyous middle eight). The tracks towards the end of the record allow you to drift away, and when it ends, like waking from a light sleep, you wonder where you’ve been for the last hour, but you feel all the better for the experience.

- r i c h a r d  zimmermann

Check the gig page for Deadbeat Darling's upcoming shows in London. Their album “Weight of Wandering” is available for download on iTunes.