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Pinkunoizu - Parabolic Delusions

Pinkunoizu - Parabolic Delusions

Hooded Fang - Clap

What do Hooded Fang and Pinkunoizu have in common? Virtually nothing apart from a split 7” coming out in March on Full Time Hobby. They are two of the brightest bands on the label at the moment and their debut albums, coming out later that month, should be highly anticipated. Clap/Parabolic Delusions acts as a taster of things to come and unites two bands that, despite their different sensibilities, are moving in the same direction.

Hooded Fang play Syd-Barrett-on-a-surfboard pop. Their songs are 3 minute jaunts into the realm of flower punk, bringing to life retro garage bands of the sixties while possessing a very modern dance floor sensibility, putting them somewhere between The Strokes and Black Lips. “Clap” sees the band at their most danceable. As the band put it, “it’s a song about one of those single life encounters-just drunken memories really”, and in this way it provides a good alternative to “ I bet that you look good on the dance floor”, especially as it opens with a frenetic, typically Arctic Monkeys crescendo. But don’t let that put you off, a sixties cool pervades the song as singer Daniel Lee makes it clear he favours “a good chilled out time” with The Electric Prunes and co on the psychedelic Nuggets box set over dancing like a robot to Electro-pop from 1984. Their debut album Tosta Mista provides more of the same, admirably packing a lifetime of Hawaiian heartbreak in to just 23 minutes of music.

23 minutes into Pinkunoizu’s debut Free Time and the best is still yet to come. With many of their tracks stretching to over ten minutes, (the album itself rather fittingly being a meditation on the concept of time) it’s not surprising that they are building a reputation for the more avant-garde and progressive. However, “Parabolic Delusions” sees them at their most poppy, with singer Andreas Pallisgaard describing it as a piece of “jolly dance music”, or at least as close to “jolly dance music” as they’ll probably ever do. Although it’s not their best track, it gives an insight into a remarkable debut that brings a perplexing mix of music styles into orbit around a spaced out folk core, and it works brilliantly. Free Time is simply, to this reviewer’s mind at least, one of the best debuts in recent memory. Clap/Parabolic Delusions is out on March 5th, one week before the release of Tosta Mista, and three before Free Time. In the meantime though you can catch Hooded Fang at one of their shows in Febuary:

Wednesday 8th-Cargo with My Sad Captains/Still Corners
Thursday 9th- Old Blue Last
Saturday 11th- Barfly with Eagulls/History of Apple Pie
Tuesday 14th- Madamme JoJo’s with Dale Earnhardt Jnr Jnr

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by Henry Wilkinson