The Stepkids

The Stepkids - Suburban Dream (Live)

To the UK another American band comes, not just any band however, one without a frontman. This funky little Connecticut trio haven't been around long, but are doing very well for themselves so far. 
Since 2009, The Stepkids have been giving us some flashbacks to the 60s and 70s and performing some visually intriguing stage shows. 
Where it is commonplace that most bands argue for the sake of their musical output, it would appear that The Stepkids are a band based on compromise. Sharing equally in the creative process, they portray a very 'chilled out' mentality through their psychedelic music. Not only this, but the band does not desire for one person to hold all of the spotlight. 
Pretty much every band has a frontman, or frontwoman. The person credited with the bulk of the ensembles creative juices, yet for some bands that guy or girl at the front of the stage can end up becoming the sole identity of the band, almost creating a brand opposed to a band.  
For The Stepkids however, it is more about creating an image as a three piece, and to not have media focus on one specific person. Each member has their own set of individual qualities, each of which will likely come to light as they develop more popularity.  
The beneficial aspects of this plan seem to be showing already, but only slightly, and with their incredibly abstract music videos, it's impossible to pick your own frontman from the band even if you wanted to.  
Each band member has their own claim to fame, including working with 50 Cent, Bobby Brown and Alicia Keys. Guitarist Jeff Gitelman even stated in an interview that at one stage he fell out of love with Soul music, due to exclusively playing pop R&B for years, it wasn't until The Stepkids that he realised that genre can still be cool. 
Naturally, only playing one specific niche of a genre would get tiresome after a while, yet with The Stepkids, he found he still had an interest in this genre, and all he needed was to reinvent it with the help of Tim Walsh and Dan Edinberg, the other members of the band. 
The style in which The Stepkids execute their music, is something that in contemporary popular styles is probably considered somewhat dead. Largely taking influence from the 60s and 70s eras, and all the great soul music that exists more underground these days, the music created by this band is just generally very funky. There are soul aspects, funk elements, jazz, R&B (In this instance; Blues...Not Bass), all these characteristics culminate into the epitome of "cool", fusing together to bring some excellent psychedelia.  
In keeping with their musical time period, their latest LP 'The Stepkids Direct To Disc' was recorded live, straight to vinyl, just like the good old days, on Stones Throw Records. Although presumably there was still some new age digital jiggery-pokery involved, it's still a nice concept, and we all know how lovely a vinyl record is to listen to.  
The Stepkids have just had a whistle-stop tour of London, and are now due to go off to tour with The Horrors. If you're a Hendrix lover, a Mayfield fanatic, or an aficionado for all things funked and jazzy, The Stepkids are an absolute reccomendation for you.